Whenever Two or More Are Gathered …

It all started back in the early 1990s at University Christian Church in Berkeley, California. I was a new seminary student attending a dinner of some sort. Sitting next to me was Rev. C. William Nichols. Bill was the retired General Minister-President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) — basically the Disciples’ pope — and he asked me if I knew a Reverend Warren Hile. I did not but somehow or another Reverend Hile and I connected. We never did meet in person — he was in Colorado and I in Northern California — but we corresponded by mail a few times and although we never did definitively determine a familial connection we both agreed that we were relatively closely related. 

Fast forward to 2018. After I retired, I once again became interested in discovering my ancestral roots. How things have changed in the genealogy world in those twenty-five or so years! Whereas before I was able to compile maybe one hundred names in my tree, it didn’t take long nowadays to expand the list into the thousands. 

The reason for that, of course, is the computer and the digitization of records and documents. 

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