The Bousman family has a long history in the United States, having arrived in North America from Germany prior to the American Revolution and originally settling primarily in Pennsylvania.

My paternal grandmother, Mabel Bernice Bousman, pictured below with her mother, Daisy Dean Mills, and her husband, my grandfather, Wilbur Hile, were among the Bousmans who came west and settled in Missouri before eventually coming to California. Many of the Bousmans are still in Missouri, primarily in the north-eastern part of the state around Hannibal.

Of course, the Bousman surname is only one of many associated with this branch of my family. Among these, Mills, Hawkins, and Shoemaker, are prominent. There’s even a Penrose (my mother’s maiden name) in there, as well.

Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool, But She May Have Raised a Wilson