My Parents and Grandparents

Actually, none of the people in the photo were parents or grandparents of mine. If I were to print out my entire family tree it would take roughly 525 pages and  it would not be amenable to the almost daily changes that occur through editing, corrections, additions, deletions, and the like.

Enter the good folks at WikiTree, some of the leaders of which are in the photo, and of whom I am proud to be a member. WikiTree is a collaborative effort to grow an accurate single family tree that both connects us all and is freely available to all. To that end, most of the data you will see here has come through WikiTree in real-time digital form. Thus, when things change — whether it be a new link to the tree, new information is discovered, or what have you — those changes will instantly be available to you. For free. Pretty cool, huh?

So who were my parents and grandparents? Glad you asked …


This will be a typical tree found throughout this site. Clicking on the various links will take you to the specific WikiTree page for that individual, which will contain a lot more information about the person.

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