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If history remembers the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all. And there’s a lot to remember! Uncovering your past, as prologue for your future, is the adventure that awaits. 

Want to take control of your past? Finescale History offers a comprehensive, fully-integrated approach to genealogy, uncovering your family history and preserving it for generations to come. 

Why Finescale? We started out designing and building precision, detailed, turn-of-the-twentieth-century structures for model railroad layouts. We now carry on this “finescale” philosophy to our passion for family history. 

Below are some of the areas where we can assist you. 

Adventure Assembled …

Building Family Trees

General family history services entail creating and building family trees. Depending on your existing knowledge, we start from scratch, or build on whatever you already have, or break through “brick walls” to discover missing links.

Adventure Confirmed ...

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It's All in the DNA

Well, actually it's not ALL in the DNA, but a lot of it is. We can facilitate DNA acquisition and analysis. Know the difference between autosomal, mitochondrial, and Y-DNA? That’s okay because we do and we can assist you in taking the right tests to achieve your goals.

Adventure Contextualized …

The Rest of the Story

Moving beyond bare names and dates, we look at family history, architectural, and social history, e.g., birthplaces, residences, occupations and workplaces, migration patterns, and the like to provide with a much fuller expression of what your family’s history encompassed. We not only report where your ancestors lived, for example, but offer insight as to what it was that brought them there in the first place.

Adventure Memorialized ...

Finally, something to do with Grandpa’s old pictures in the hall closet

From its invention in 1814 by Joseph Niepce, the photographic image has captured the hearts and minds of individuals and families the world over. We assist in locating and restoring vintage photography. Enhancement using new augmented or virtual reality techniques is a specialty.

Adventure Realized ...

We build our models and present your family

After all the research is done and the reports are given, presentation is the final step. Whether it is a finescale model of a scene out of your past, a book, oral presentation, ow whatever you desire, we can put it together ...

Adventure Utilized …

Specialized Services

Specialized services include locating birthparents and unknown parent research, organization and analysis of family records, assisting clients with genealogy travel, and a host of other services. Are you related to a president? An infamous scoundrel? Or both? We can find out. 

"Much of what you will see here is a product of The World According to Greg — my attempt to organize and plan my past as prologue to my future — and then bring forward to others the techniques I have learned. It has been an adventure that never ceases to amaze me, but we are all in this thing together, and the story of me is also the story of us.