Making stuff work is what we do around here, or at least try to! This website is definitely a work in progress. Any errors are all mine and hopefully will be fixed in the very near future. Please let me know if you catch something amiss or have ideas and suggestions for further features and enhancements.

Hosting is handled by Siteground runnng on a WordPress platform. Coding consists largely courtesy of Kadence Pro themes with a bit of HTML thrown in there by yours truly using Adobe Dreamweaver and other Adobe Creative Cloud software.

I have tried to create a photographically-rich site, again primarily using Adobe Creative Cloud software, such as Lightroom (in all its various forms) and Photoshop. The Gallery pages also utilize the Envira WP plugin on the back end.

Most importantly, genetics plays a prime role here, as I derive inspiration and creative expertise from my daughter Lindsay Baca, who has the photographer’s eye and is simply the best photographer I have ever known. How I managed to inherit my daughter’s genes is still somewhat of a scientific mystery but it is true nevertheless. Check out her work and you’ll agree.